Shit I have done this week Feb 19 – Feb 25 2018


Finally moving my test auth db to my larger project

Personal Life:

Back to my morning run after getting sick last time. Now back to 4.5 km, should be up to 6 km by the end of this week.


Almost done with Marigold’s Periphery. There are parts with unusual finger stretching that I kept stumbling on



The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck: Basically read till chapter 6. It’s pretty obvious book, that tells you that you should know what to prioritize and learn to ignore stuff.



Thor Ragnarok (2017): The first Thor movie that I actually like. It’s because half of the setting takes place in a futuristic planet, and there’s actually some humor in the movie, rather than just Asgardian stuff that I don’t find to be interesting at all.


El Secreto de sus Ojos (2009): Deservingly this movie won the Goya award. An amazing murder mystery that kept me intrigued throughout the whole film.



Dark (2017): Like El Secreto de sus Ojos, Dark is both full of mystery and intriguing. Hope that it stays like that throughout the first season. The first German TV series that I watched, and it looks like a good one.


Portlandia (2011): The absurdist humor is sometimes grating, but I’m interested in more. The issue with Portlandia is that every part is a sketch about a different pair of people (which still feature Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein), so it’s hard to be invested in the characters.


Parks and Recreation (2009): Apparently it’s like The Office, and I have never watched The Office. It establishes the characters pretty well, and they are many chuckle-worthy moments. Pretty good,



Scale the Summit – In A World of Fear: It features popular musicians like Yvette Young and Angel Vivaldi, but somehow none of them songs have enough hook, that they become only technical musings. Here’s Astral Kids


Sikth – The Future in Whose Eyes?: It’s an okay album, but somehow the vocal parts are weighing down some of the parts. Sikth – Vivid


Modern Day Babylon – Coma: The guitar thumping makes the album sounds so good.


Intervals – The Way Forward: A good album, some of the songs like Rubicon Artist, are fun to listen to.


Milco – Nerima: Milco sounds great, especially Designer. Again, the percussive sound of thumping makes the song sounds great.


Julieta Venegas – si: Latina pop! I thoroughly enjoy the album, especially Lento


Mariya Takeuchi – REQUEST: I really like Mariya Takeuchi due to future funk. There’s so much addicting beat in her songs. 夢の続き is one of my most favorite songs, just listen to the basslines.


Night Tempo – Babymaker 2: Night Tempo is still the king of future funk. Here’s Cheek


Future Girlfriend 音楽 – Through Space to See You: One of my favorite future funk albums. Here’s the collab with Android Apartment: 今を生きる


Vitalism – SY: This is one of best albums I’ve heard in years. It mixes Djent with Jazz and Brazillian music. Here’s one with jazz sax and piano, Yami Obi.

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