Shit I have done: 29 Jan – 4 Feb 2018


  • Went to startup incubator and talked to the people who managed it. Also at least my existence is somewhat known by one of the potential investors.
  • Went to a progress update meeting of a startup acquired by one of the local conglomerates (don’t ask how I got the entry to it), the founders seem to be a bit too idealistic that they are bit afraid of monetizing their business.
  • Testing out flask-oauthlib and trying to integrate into my own stuff, since now I also need to be oauth2 provider.

Personal Life

  • Back to driving lesson. I haven’t driven a car for the past 15 years, so it’s refreshing lesson basically. No, I’m okay in driving, everything went smoothly, every single instructor realizes that I have driven before.
  • Reached 7 km on my regular run.


  • Still working on Periphery’s Marigold, now practicing the second variation of the riff and the outro.
  • Still learning thumping.



Trainwreck (2015): I don’t like Amy Schumer, I don’t think she’s a funny comedian. However, Trainwreck is an entertaining movie, if you view it more of a drama than a comedy. Amy Schumer did well in this movie.


Devilman Volume 2: The Demon Bird (1990): The second part of the Devilman OAV, and  to be honest, it’s kinda uninteresting.


Brawl in Cell Block 99 (2017): Ultra gory prison brawl thriller starring Vince Vaughn. It’s rare to see an American movie that is so violent, and good at the same time. The plot is fairly straightforward and the action sequences are very raw, no bombastic scenes nor shaky cam parts.


Mom and Dad (2018): Nicolas Cage and Selma Blair act as psychologically triggered/infected(?) in such a way that, they start to hunt and try to kill their own children. This is a fun movie.


The Birth of Sake (2016): Documentary about sake brewery. Somehow it didn’t manage to resonate with me, thus I find the whole thing very boring.



The X-Files Season 1: I have never really sat down and watched X-Files. And to be honest, it still holds up pretty well, each case is still intriguing.


Firefly: On the other hand, Firefly is very dated, and doesn’t hold up that good. The conversation seems to be very 90’s, and I barely finished the first episode.


Wormwood: Such a weird mishmash of documentary and drama fiction(?) about MKULTRA conspiracy. It’s that kind of TV show that feels very unsatisfying and you’re not sure whether you should stop watching it.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 3: Brooklyn Nine-Nine is not as funny as Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt nor Angie Tribeca. But it’s okay enough to be time filler.


Homeland Season 1: I’m very excited after finish watching the first episode since thriller is my favorite. I can’t say much, except that the first episode is fairly gripping.



ev.exi – Remember: The best album I’ve listened to this week, future funk with great beats. Here’s the titular song.


Maximum The Hormone – Mimi Kajiru Shinuchi: Classic MTH sound, sadly I can’t find the songs on YouTube.


Monuments – The Amanuensis: I dislike the vocal parts, and I like the guitar parts, especially the riff in “I, The Creator


Magroove – b cool: Really good chill funk song featuring Melanie Faye.


Childish Gambino – “Awaken, My Love!”: Mea Culpa, I’ve only heard of Childish Gambino from the iPhone X ad, and of course, here’s Redbone


Chris Stapleton – Traveller: Tennessee Whiskey is still one of the best country songs of the recent years.


Joe Satriani – What Happens Next: Satch tried to change up his sound in this latest album, but somehow I couldn’t get into it. Here’s Thunder High on the Mountain


Modern Day Babylon – Travelers: Okay, I guess? Here’s Lost in Dreams


Born of Osiris – Tomorrow We Die Alive: Mixed feelings, there are parts that I like (the djent riff), and parts that I find them boring (vocal, etc). Born of Osiris – Machine

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